On top of our regular covid protocol, help us keep each other safe by doing the following during this surge:

1) Stay in your car when you’ve arrived for your appointment and call us to let us know you are here.  We will tell you a time to come in.

2) We do not accept patients with fabric masks inside the clinic. Please ask us for a medical mask when you enter.  If you have your own KN95, wear it. Ensure your mask fits tightly around your face covering your nose and chin.

3) Wash your hands or sanitize thoroughly when entering, and after leaving ops.  

4) If you have not been fully vaccinated, you must agree to a rapid test upon arrival, including children of all ages, no exceptions.

5) If you have been vaccinated, but someone in your household has a runny nose or cough or fever or recently had covid, we will do  rapid test on you.

6) Only patient with appointment is allowed into the clinic. 

7) Be patient with us, and with each other so we can get through this surge together.

Thank you. We appreciate your help in containing the spread of omicron virus.




We are now opened to full time ADJUSTED hours.

For the most up-to-date hours of operation, please CALL US FIRST before making your way over to the clinic at (416) 787-6373. 

Rest assured, you are in good hands!

1) We are vaccinated, booster jabbed, and ready to serve our patients.  

2) We’ve been working this whole time since March 2020 (see below for details). We’ve had a lot of practice with Covid19 prevention and our system works!

3) We have all the proper PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPEs) including N95 masks, surgical caps, surgical gowns, face shields, air filters etc.

4) Our team members have the proper N95 masks and have been professionally mask-fitted to ensure and proven proper seal and safety for everyone. 

5) We have added an additional HVAC system on top of our current one so with 2 systems, we are able to filter and change the air in our rooms within 4 mins! That’s amazing and even better than some hospital HVAC systems.

6) Our team members have fully vaccinated with booster shots and get rapid tested randomly, periodically. 

7) We take everyone’s temperature as they enter our clinic.

8) All our patients and team members who’s been to our clinic has reported good health since March 2020. 


Our Covid19 prevention protocol for patients:

1) Be honest when answering our screening questions, we can handle risks but we need to know what they are.

2) Do tell us if you are not feeling well anytime you are in the clinic.

3) Stay in your car until you get called to come into our waiting room.

4) Please wear a mask properly covering your nose and chin, and upon entering our clinic, and go to wash your hands in our washroom.  Then have a seat in our waiting room. We will take your temperature in the forehead area and ask you screening questions.

5)  Follow all instructions as you are escorted into operatory (OP) and remain in there after your treatment is done, until you are escorted out. We only want 1 person in the hallway at a time if possible.

6) Our OPs are enclosed so stay inside once you enter. 

7) Our new HVAC system can clean and change the air in the OP within 4 minutes!  

8) When your appointment is done, stay in the operatory until directed for you to walk out.

9) Before leaving the OP put your mask back on. Then after coming out of the OP, go straight to wash your hands at our sink in the hallway or in the washroom before going to the front desk area. 

10) Kindly notify us should you develop Covid19-like symptoms or if you test positive. In abundance of caution, we will notify you should any of our team members contract Covid19 so you can get tested too.  

11) Thank you for your help in keeping our clinic, team and patients healthy and safe.


We were opened for emergencies only, from March 14-June 20th. 

What an interesting time it was to work during shut down period for emergency services. We were lucky enough to have prepared since January and so we had the proper PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPEs) to be able to work during the shut-down period.  Although we were only treating emergencies, we were able to see our regular patients for emergencies and even patients from other clinics when they had no where to go. We wanted to help and relieve the strain on our medical system in keeping dental emergencies out of the hospitals. We also wanted to help keep people in our community safe from entering hospital settings and exposing themselves needlessly. 

We adapted and practiced to the new system of Covid19 times for months now and are happy to report that we have an excellent Covid19 prevention system in place. During shut down, we performed a 10 day follow-up with all patients we treated and everyone has been reported healthy. Our team members have gotten Covid19 tested and are all healthy as well.

You can rest assure that you and are family are in good hands.  


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