Our Specialist Network

May we recommend our beloved specialists that we work closely with. We would be confident and proud to send our family members to them so we would be happy to recommend them for your consideration.

Endodontist/special root canals: Dr. Mahsa Farzaneh, Dr. Phil Shedletsky,

Orthodontists/ braces: Dr. Bruno Venditelli, Dr. Mark Zeidenberge, Dr. Eggert Boehlau

Oral pathology/oral medicine: Dr. Hagan Klieb

Oral Surgeons/ special surgeries: Dr. Albert Haddad, Dr. Eddie Reinish, Dr. Victor Moncarz,

Periodontists/gum specialists: Dr. Alan Hiltz at Rosedale Periodontics, Dr. Jonathan Adam, Dr. Sally Safa